Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I'd like to tell you a secret.

*The entirety of this blog will be written in a whisper. So er...in your head, read it in very hushed tones*

Morning/Afternoon/Evening (Delete greeting as appropriate)

This blog is a little bit odd to write. Because I'm going to tell you something rather secretive. It's something that people I've known for 7 or so years don't even know. This blog is a nice outlet I suppose. It's very relevant to my TYSIC. Particularly the second section. If you've forgotten what that was, scroll back down and read it. Go on, I'll wait here. Off you pop.

*Waits while you scroll down, read the second section of her TYSIC and scroll back up*

Read it? Good. Now, love is a very subjective thing. The OED describes it as:

1. An intense feeling of deep affection
2. A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone
3. A great interest and pleasure in something
4. A person or thing that one loves
5. (In tennis, squash etc.) A score of zero. Apparently from the phrase play for love (i.e. the love of the game, not for money)

But, love is somehing I've never known. There are obvious exceptions - I love my family, I love chocolate, I love all of the TYSIC-ers to bits and I love to sleep a little bit longer than is strictly necessary.

I've never had the kind of love that's mentioned up there ^^ Definition 2. I've never really had the opportunity. Here's the thing. I turned 19 earlier this year. I have never been kissed. It sounds like something from a film. Hold on...

Joking aside (Yes, there is a film called Never Been Kissed. Trust me - it's rubbish. Don't waste an hour or so watching it.), it's an odd thing. Young people in the press get such a hard time for being promiscuous - don't get me wrong, I've got friends who go out alone to find someone to go home with, I've just never been that way inclined.

I've never been one to let myself go at parties - I'm often too busy worrying about everyone else to have fun. Sometimes I wish that I was the complete opposite but then other times, I'm glad to wake up with the same amount of shoes I left the house with, an unbroken pair of glasses and a clear head.

Perhaps it's a confidence thing, perhaps I'm just a bit strange.

Thank you for indulging me. It's taken me a whole day and half a packet of Farley's Rusks to write this blog.

We shall resume normal TYSIC blgging on Thursday. And there may be some news from Wednesday that impacts massively on it. But as yet...I don't know.

Love you.


P.S. I'll leave you with this quite interesting thing about the idea of soulmates: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soulmate

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